Why is this amazing beautiful Ukrainian woman interested in such ordinal man as me?

She is so young, beautiful and interesting! I’m just an ordinal man of middle ages… What was she attracted by? Is she really interested in me? Whether she loves me or not? Are her feelings real? Is she looking for marriage with me?
Do you often ask yourself such type of questions? Do you worry because of the age gap? Stop! You should relax. Don’t look for danger symbols incessantly. All you need is trust. Trust your feelings and feelings of your date. Doubts can only ruin your relationships. Even if you are 20 years older then your beautiful lady it doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy together. If you both are really in love everything would be all right. Listen to your heart! It may occur that your beloved Ukrainian woman does not feel so extraordinary and beautiful. She believes that she is just an ordinal girl and wonders why such a handsome, mature and successful man wants to date her. Dating a younger woman can result into a happy life-long marriage. You should rid the mind of doubt and enjoy exciting feelings.

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