The Most Romantic Restaurants in Vladimir Where You Can Arrange a Date for Your Beloved Russian Girl

Arrange a Date for Your Beloved Russian GirlFirst Date is a magic time. Of course, you can let your sweet Russian lady to choose the place for your first date, but don’t you want to surprise her with the knowledge of her native city. So we present you the list of the best restaurants of Vladimir to choose from.

One of the best restaurants in Vladimir is Aleksandriya, where you can enjoy the best traditional Russian dishes and spend a wonderful evening with your beautiful Russian lady.

Just near one of the most famous attractions in Vladimir, the Golden Gate, you can taste an excellent European cuisine in the restaurant Elit Club.

In one of the hotels of Vladimir, Zarya, is located a great restaurant, specialized in traditional Russian cuisine Letuchaya Mysh. Also guests are entertained with the cabaret shows in the evenings.

Just on the road from Moscow to Vladimir, at the entrance to this ancient town, is situated the hotel complex with a first rate restaurant Russkaya Derevnya (Russian Village). In this restaurant guests can enjoy floor show and a strip club, a cafe and billiards, sauna and a tavern.

In every of these great restaurants you can arrange an unforgettable evening for your pretty Russian woman. This should be the most romantic and happy day in your and your hot mail order brides lives.

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