Ask Your Beautiful Russian Girl to Christmas Dinner

chrismasWe all like to celebrate holidays. It is the great opportunity to spend time with your family and friends. Very often it is called the holiday of family reunion. Christmas is a very special holiday, filled with light, hope, happiness and miracles. There are numerous traditions connected with this festival. Families and friends are cleaning and decorating Christmas trees, houses and streets together. They go shopping, prepare gifts, go to parties and, of course, have a Christmas dinner together. Food is also one of the most important traditions on Christmas. Traditionally Christmas dinner is held on Christmas Eve. All over the world is served numerous, various, delicious and splendid food. Meat, fish, turkeys, geese, soups, vegetables and breads are cooked different ways as well as desserts – cakes, cookies, puddings and sweets. Each nation has its own traditional dishes for Christmas dinner.

In the USA the traditional Christmas dinner is served on Christmas Eve and consists of numerous dishes: roasted turkey, pork, beef, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, with carrot cake, pumpkin pie, fruit cake, apple pie for the desert.

In UK the Christmas dinner is held in the afternoon. The roasted turkey, pork, goose, ham is served together with potatoes, carrots and sprouts. For desert are prepared plum puddings, Christmas cakes and mince pies.

In France the Christmas dinner is called Revellion. There are cooked geese, roasted ducks, smoked salmons, oysters and so on for this very important meal. A cake has the form of log and has flavors like hazelnut, chocolate, etc and is served with champagne.

In Australia Christmas takes place in summer, as a result various kinds of meats, chicken, ham, turkey, are served cold. Prawns can also be cooked for the Christmas dinner. For desert are served seasonal fruits like mangoes and cherries.

Doesn’t matter where are you from and what meals are you going to eat on Christmas dinner, you should spend this time together with people who you truly love. Invite your beloved Russian mail order bride to spend this day with you. May be it is the right time to transfer your relationships on the next level.

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