Beautiful Russian Mail Order Brides Are Not Just a Fairy-Tale, but Your Chance to Become Happy

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“Love is knowing you are the bud from which his happiness blossoms.” From day today more and more single men turn to online dating sites looking for sweet Russian women for marriage. And they have numerous reasons to do it. Russian girls are well known all across the world for their beauty, but it’s not the only advantage of sweet Russian mail order brides. In Russia people have very high family traditions and values. So it’s not a surprise that the majority of women in Russia dream about marriage, finding the man to share their lives with and starting their own families. Read more

You Can Build Serious Long-lasting Relations Only Being Friends with Your Sweet Russian Lady

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Relations Only Being Friends with Your Sweet Russian Lady“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” – Bernard Meltzer

Friendship has a very important meaning for all Russian people and you can be sure for your pretty Russian mail order bride too. Of course, you understand that your and here countries has lots of differences – cultural and mental. So before rushing and trying to move your relations to the romantic stage you should become friends with your beautiful Russian lady. In Russia friendship is usually very deep and friends are really close to each other. Russian women have no secrets from their close friends and hat can be the best base for the successful life-long marriage. Read more

Invite Your Beautiful Russian Girlfriend to Dances on the First Date

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Invite Girlfriend to Dances on the First Date“The truest expression of a people is in its dance and in its music.  Bodies never lie.” – Agnes de Mille

Can you dance? If no, it’s the right time to take several dancing lessons! It comes the time for the first face-to-face date with your beautiful Russian bride. And one of the best places for such an important date would be a dance club. Passionate tango, crazy salsa, bright cha-cha-cha, exalted waltz – the list is endless. Dances at the first date are the great way to get closer, have fun and check for chemistry. Just imagine your hands all over each other, pulling your pretty Russian girl closer… May be it comes the time to make one more step in your romantic relationships – to kiss your magnificent mail order bride for the first time. In a passionate dance you can find out whether there is a real connection between you and your hot Russian woman – a magic spark. Read more

Arrange an Active First Date for Your Gorgeous Russian Woman

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Arrange an First Date for Your Gorgeous Russian WomanFirst date can be your step forward to the long-lasting serious romantic relationships with a hot Russian girl or just a real disaster and turn you back to lonely nights in the company of TV-set and computer. So what should you choose to impress your sweetheart Russian lady and to assure the second date with her? The first and the most simple idea is to go for a walk, but even this way you have several destinations at choice: park, forest, lonely beach and so on. Can you ride a bike? And your sweet Russian girlfriend? So why not to invite her to spend the evening cruising through some nice areas on bikes or a tandem? It would be really fun. What about sports and games? Read more

Kostroma Restaurants Where You Can Organize a Romantic Date for a Beautiful Russian Girl

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Romantic Date for a Beautiful Russian GirlLike any loving man you want your sweet Russian woman to remember your first real life date for the rest of her life. But how can you organize the first date in the unknown city? We give you the number of the great restaurants in Kostroma where you can invite your pretty Russian girl for the first face-to-face meeting.

There is an excellent restaurant in Kostroma, named after well-known Russian film – White Sun or Beloe Solntse. Situated next to the river station it offers wonderful views, first-rate Asian cuisine and live music. In summer you can choose the table outdoors and eat your food at the fresh air. Read more

Several Hotels in Kostroma You Can Stay In When Going to Your Russian Bride

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Love, devotion and passion… do these feelings appear when you see or even think about your sweet Russian mail order bride? But what feelings will you experience when meeting her in person? Why should you wait? Organize your romantic trip to your sweet Russian in her native city Kostroma. You can start from choosing the hotel to stay in and we want to help you with it.

Just in 350 meters from Volga, in the business center, is situated a comfortable hotel Snegurochka. All the guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi, fitness center, sauna and an excellent restaurant where they can taste the dishes of the classic and modern Russian kitchen.

The Hotel Golden Ring, built in 2006, offers the traditional Russian hospitality and high-quality service. From the majority of the hotel rooms opens the magnificent view on the ancient town. Read more

The Main Sights You Should Visit with Your Gorgeous Russian Girl in Kostroma

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Russian Girl in KostromaKostroma is one of the most beautiful and old towns of Russia. If you are visiting your pretty Russian mail order bride in Kostroma or coming there together with her, you will enjoy seeing numerous historical places. The ancient architecture, white-stone churches, antique shopping street, and a splendid fire watchtower attract lots of people fro, all over the world.

One of the most popular attractions of Kostroma is the Ipatievsky Monastery and the unique museum of Wooden Architecture situated on its territory. The famous Russian hero Ivan Susanin is considered to be the citizen of Jostroma here you can find the museum dedicated specially to him. We believe it would be interesting for you and your pretty Russian girlfriend. To arrange an excellent date you can take your mail order bride to the famous all over the Russia Ostrovsky State Drama Theatre. Read more

Is Your Pretty Russian Mail Order Bride from Kostroma?

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Russian Mail Order Bride from KostromaKostroma is also a part of the Golden Ring and is considered to be one of the most beautiful Russian ancient towns. So if your beloved Russian woman lives in Kostroma, meeting her you have a wonderful chance to see all the beauty of Kostroma. It is a historical, cultural, industrial and administrative centre of the Kostroma Region. This ancient town is situated not far from the capital of the country on both banks of Volga River and Kostroma River. The basic transport in Kostroma is shipping, so you can enjoy the romantic trip along the river with your beautiful Russian girlfriend. The most attractive place in Kostroma that remained the charm of the ancient Russian city is the center area. Read more

The Most Romantic Restaurants in Vladimir Where You Can Arrange a Date for Your Beloved Russian Girl

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Arrange a Date for Your Beloved Russian GirlFirst Date is a magic time. Of course, you can let your sweet Russian lady to choose the place for your first date, but don’t you want to surprise her with the knowledge of her native city. So we present you the list of the best restaurants of Vladimir to choose from.

One of the best restaurants in Vladimir is Aleksandriya, where you can enjoy the best traditional Russian dishes and spend a wonderful evening with your beautiful Russian lady.

Just near one of the most famous attractions in Vladimir, the Golden Gate, you can taste an excellent European cuisine in the restaurant Elit Club.

In one of the hotels of Vladimir, Zarya, is located a great restaurant, specialized in traditional Russian cuisine Letuchaya Mysh. Also guests are entertained with the cabaret shows in the evenings. Read more

The Best Hotels for You to Stay While Visiting Your Beautiful Russian Woman

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Your meeting with a sweet Russian mail order bride is a very important time in your life and you should spend these several days in comfort. So you should choose the hotel in her native city Vladimir and book the room there. But if she is from another city and you want to visit this ancient town together with your sweet Russian girlfriend, you should book two rooms.

In the very heart of Vladimir, just 250 meters from the Kremlin and 500 meters from Uspensky Cathedral, is located a mini hotel Vladimirsky Dvorik. You can order all the excursions from the hotel as there is a tour desk.

The excellent serves is provided in the Park Hotel Voznesenskaya Sloboda where you can book the well-appointed room. There is also a Turkish steam bath, an indoor pool and meeting rooms. Guests can enjoy a restaurant and a bar to relax in the evenings. Read more

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