May 31 Is the Great Holiday for All Fair-Haired Mail Order Brides

“God is a gentleman. He prefers blondes.” – Joe Orton

Since 2003 all the magnificent, fascinating, charming, poised, passionate and romantic blondes have their own holiday on May 31 – the International Blonde Day! In 2006 was organized the famous award “Brilliant stiletto heel” and only the most gorgeous, wealthy, well-known, fascinating and successful blondes can win this luxurious prize at the International Blonde Day. Numerous brilliant blond actresses, stars, sportswomen and businesswomen try to achieve it and get the name of the best “blonde from the blondes”. Scientists say that natural blondes are rare and may disappear completely on the Earth by 2202. On the International Blonde Day man should forget about all the stereotypes and jokes about these wonderful hot fair-haired girls!

So we congratulate all the brightest, the most noticeable and the most fair-haired Russian ladies with the International Blonde Day! Indeed it doesn’t matter what is the color of your lady’s hair, feelings are the only things that have any meaning.

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