What should you change in order to be successful in dating beautiful Russian women?

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be successful in dating beautiful Russian women? “What you have become is the price you paid to get what you used to want.” – Mignon McLaughlin

The majority of people all over the world dream to find their true love, to start a family and to live a happy life-long family life with their dear ones. But, what to do, if the way to your dream ends on the few first steps? Whether you can find and build successful romantic relationships with a gorgeous Russian woman? Yes, you can. First of all you should stop complaining of your previous dates (if you had some) and look at yourself. It’s the time to change your life and you should start with yourself.

Your outlook. It includes your fit, hygiene and styling. Look into the mirror. Do you like what you see? If no, why do you think women will be in raptures over your appearance? Moreover everyone knows that at first people judges from the appearance and only then they look deeper. Beautiful Russian women prefer good looking, tidy and neat men, who smells well. Read more

Charming Your Beautiful Russian Mail Order Bride from the First Date

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Preparing for the first date is a real trail for any man and even if you are dating with a gorgeous Russian girl online for a rather long time, you are not cleared off this important test. But we are always ready to help! We can offer you several pieces of advice, using which you can make a good impression and easily charm your magnificent Russian mail order bride. And if you really want to have a chance for a second date just follow these easy tips.

Your first real life meeting with your potential Russian wife should be unforgettable, so you should avoid tradition restaurants and cinemas and plan something new and unusual. Invite your magnificent Russian girl n a picnic to the park or some shady forest, organize a small trip to some picturesque place, etc. Turn on your imagination and follow your intuition. Moreover you can find out what does your pretty date like. Read more

How Can You Cope With the Jealousy of Your Beloved Russian Bride?

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How Can You Cope With the Jealousy of Your Beloved Russian Bride? “It is not love that is blind, but jealousy.” – Lawrence Durrell

Jealousy is an awful feeling that can ruin not only firm happy relationships, but the whole life. But no one is impervious to it, especially when you are building serious relationships with a pretty Russian mail order bride who is thousands miles away from you. So this ugly feeling should be stopped at the very beginning. But how? We will try to find the answer together.

First of all if you want to save you wonderful romantic relations, you should have a sincere talk with your hot Russian lady. Yes, it’s not so easy when you are communicating over the Internet, but at least you should try to find the real source of your beautiful mail order bride’s jealousy. Maybe her previous relationships were ruined because of her boyfriend unfaithfulness or she has a child’s inhibition because of her parents. You should find the roots of fear together. Read more

Amaze Your Beautiful Russian Mail Order Bride with an Unusual Christmas Present

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Beautiful Russian Mail Order Bride“Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.” – Janice Maeditere

Everyone knows that finding a perfect Christmas present is a real challenge. What do you usually gift your dear one? Lingerie, flowers, spa items, chocolate and perfumes? Is it your understanding of romantic gifts? Do you know what your sweetheart likes and would want to have for Christmas? Do you need some advice? We are ready to help you and offer a list of unusual Christmas gifts for your pretty Russian mail order bride.

Order a Spa Massage for your dear Russian lady or for both of you. It would be a great romantic Christmas pastime.

Gift your mail order bride with a silver Heart-Shaped Jewelry Box and to make this present personalized you can engrave some romantic message. You can also promise her to fill it up in future.

If you have some beautiful mutual photos, you can order 3D Crystal Cube Photo Frame with it. This gift will always remind her about special romantic moment of your relationships. Read more

“I LOVE YOU!” How to Write a Magic Letter to Your Beloved Russian Bride?

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Letter to Your Beloved Russian BrideAll romantic relations have lots of ups and downs. If you want your online love affair be a real dream, you should sincerely express your feelings. But, how to tell these important words in a letter? It’s not an easy task, but there is nothing impossible for loving hearts. First of all imagine your dear Russian girlfriend sitting next to you and that you are telling about your feelings and emotions directly to her. Why do you love your hot Russian bride and why is it so important for you? Tell that your life is empty without her and you don’t see your future apart from her (of course, if it’s true). You can also choose some quotes that reflect your feelings. Writing such an emotional letter will definitely bring you closer to your sweetheart Russian lady. Read more

You First Kiss with the Hot Russian Woman Will be Unforgettable

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First Kiss with the Hot Russian Woman“A kiss is just a pleasant reminder that two heads are better than one.” – Author Unknown

Kiss is one of the most powerful weapons which men can use when conquering women’s hearts. For any woman the first kiss is like a test that can show whether she can be happy with that particular man.  So we will revile you some secrets of the wonderful kiss. Look into her eyes and slowly move closer. Don’t press together your lips tightly and don’t make mouth very hard when kissing, but at the same time don’t move your tongue to deep into her mouth. Your lips should be relaxed and very tender. Touch delicately corners of her mouth with your tongue, they are extremely sensitive. This kiss (and not only this one) should be soft, delicate and sensual. Be gentle and sensitive. Let the fire of passion burn up slowly and be sure that it will never extinct. It can last for few seconds or even for several hours. Read more

What You Should Avoid When Writing Letters to Sweet Russian Women?

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Letters to Sweet Russian WomenCommunication with women is not an easy task and has always some taboos when and online dating with beautiful Russian ladies is not an exception. There are lots of articles and advice telling you how to write RIGHT letters to pretty mail order brides and what topics you can discuss. But now we are talking about what you shouldn’t write when corresponding with hot women from Russia.

Don’t write your full autobiography in one letter, it’s seems that the only topic you can talk about is yourself. The majority of pretty Russian ladies don’t like reading too long messages, they can think you are self-centered and boring. It doesn’t mean that you should tell her about yourself at all. Write several stories, but they should be interesting and tell her about your personality. Your correspondence should be similar to a dialog: quite short messages and, of course, containing questions. It gives your sexy Russian girlfriend the feeling that you are attentive and attracted. Read more

Trying to Impress Beautiful Russian Woman You Can Push Her Off

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Beautiful Russian WomanWhen dating beautiful Russian mail order brides the majority of singles aims to make a good impression and finally don’t understand why girls don’t want to see them any more. How do you usually try to impress your date? Do you try to say only those things she wants to hear? Or you try to be “cool”? But in result, you just act nervous and your talks seem to be too theatrical. Yes! You look unnatural and push your gorgeous Russian girlfriend off.  You send numerous signals, such as “I don’t think that you can find me attractive”, “I feel insecure”, “I’m not confident enough to date such a pretty mail order bride”, but how this way you are going to build serious long-lasting relations. Even if your conversation flows absolutely normal, your body language may be strange and can confuse your sweet Russian date. Read more

When and What Should You Write to a Gorgeous Russian Lady?

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http://vanilla-love.com/user/sweetVictoriaDuring the last ten year online dating became one of the most popular ways of searching for second halves. Nowadays there are numerous online dating and marriage agencies and millions of singles from all the corners of the world are looking for perfect mail order brides over the Internet. But for building successful online relations it’s not enough just to sign up to the proper website and to create a personal profile. Online dating is based on instant communication and to get the attention of beautiful Russian women you should know several secrets.

First of all, you should know when to write to these magnificent Russian girls. Hot Russian mail order brides are the most popular with Western men and you should realize that they receive hundreds or even thousands e-mails every day. So if you don’t want to be lost in these tons of letters you should choose the correct time. It’s better to send your messages in the morning or in the evening (take the time lag into account), as usually Russian girls read letters and answer them before or after their studies and work. Also don’t be shy to write the second letter to a pretty Russian lady if she hasn’t answered the first one. Be persistent! Read more

What to Gift Your Pretty Russian Girlfriend on the First Date?

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What to Gift Your Pretty Russian Girlfriend“You give but little when you give of your possessions.  It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” – Kahlil Gibran

Making presents usually gives even more pleasure than receiving them. What can be more pleasant than seeing your sweet date happy and to look into your pretty Russian girl’s shining eyes? It’s a very complicated task to choose a gift for the first date. But we are dealing with online dating and you have enough time to know what does your sexy Russian lady prefer and how will she react on your present. You should be sure that this gift won’t ruin your ‘young’ and ‘fragile’ romantic relationships. Your gift for the first date shouldn’t be expensive, as it will seem that you are trying to buy her. So, the present better to be small, but significant for your beautiful Russian woman. Flowers and chocolate stay the ideal variant. Communicating online with a gorgeous Russian lady you have a wonderful opportunity to know her interests and to make a special gift for her. Read more

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