You Can Build Serious Long-lasting Relations Only Being Friends with Your Sweet Russian Lady

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Relations Only Being Friends with Your Sweet Russian Lady“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.” – Bernard Meltzer

Friendship has a very important meaning for all Russian people and you can be sure for your pretty Russian mail order bride too. Of course, you understand that your and here countries has lots of differences – cultural and mental. So before rushing and trying to move your relations to the romantic stage you should become friends with your beautiful Russian lady. In Russia friendship is usually very deep and friends are really close to each other. Russian women have no secrets from their close friends and hat can be the best base for the successful life-long marriage. Read more

Invite Your Beautiful Russian Girlfriend to Dances on the First Date

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Invite Girlfriend to Dances on the First Date“The truest expression of a people is in its dance and in its music.  Bodies never lie.” – Agnes de Mille

Can you dance? If no, it’s the right time to take several dancing lessons! It comes the time for the first face-to-face date with your beautiful Russian bride. And one of the best places for such an important date would be a dance club. Passionate tango, crazy salsa, bright cha-cha-cha, exalted waltz – the list is endless. Dances at the first date are the great way to get closer, have fun and check for chemistry. Just imagine your hands all over each other, pulling your pretty Russian girl closer… May be it comes the time to make one more step in your romantic relationships – to kiss your magnificent mail order bride for the first time. In a passionate dance you can find out whether there is a real connection between you and your hot Russian woman – a magic spark. Read more

Arrange an Active First Date for Your Gorgeous Russian Woman

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Arrange an First Date for Your Gorgeous Russian WomanFirst date can be your step forward to the long-lasting serious romantic relationships with a hot Russian girl or just a real disaster and turn you back to lonely nights in the company of TV-set and computer. So what should you choose to impress your sweetheart Russian lady and to assure the second date with her? The first and the most simple idea is to go for a walk, but even this way you have several destinations at choice: park, forest, lonely beach and so on. Can you ride a bike? And your sweet Russian girlfriend? So why not to invite her to spend the evening cruising through some nice areas on bikes or a tandem? It would be really fun. What about sports and games? Read more

Does Your Beloved Russian Girlfriend Live In the City of Brides?

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ivanovo russian bridesHave you ever heard about the Russian city Ivanovo? It is one more city of the Golden Ring and maybe your beloved Russian lady is living there. It has been traditionally called the textile capital of Russia, but another more popular name is “the City of Brides”. Why brides? The majority of textile workers are women, but for the last years it has gone into decline. It is a typical industrial city of the Soviet times. There are no really many sights in Ivanovo, but it doesn’t really matter if you came there to meet with your dream Russian woman. You can go on excursion to the Museum of Industry and Art, the Palace of the Arts or the Museum of Ivanovo Chintz. You can stay at the Ivanovo Tourist Hotel, located on the banks of the River Uvod. Read more

Where You Can Stay When Visiting Your Pretty Russian Lady In Yaroslavl?

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Russian Lady In YaroslavlBefore visiting your sweet Russian bride in her native city, you should think over several things: accommodation and food. And we want to help you. We present you the list of the best hotels of the Yaroslavl and the restaurants you can choose for your first date with your gorgeous Russian woman.

The first hotel we want to recommend you is Saint George Hotel, located just in 10 minutes walk from the old town. In this hotel guests can enjoy a swimming pool, a billiards room, a gym, a steam room and a sauna. There is also an elegant restaurant in Saint George Hotel.

Another excellent hotel situated in the cultural and business centre of Yaroslavl city – Ring Premier Hotel. There guests are offered spa and fitness facilities, massage service and swimming pool. In the elegant restaurant are served local and international dishes. Read more

Some Secrets to “Conquer” a Beautiful Russian Mail Order Bride

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Some Secrets Beautiful Russian Mail Order BrideBoth now and always men all over the world tried to learn how to understand women. But still no one has answered it (I reveal a great secret: even women don’t know the answer to it). Women all over are really different, but there are lots of features that unite them all – from all the corners of the world and of all the ages. So there are some simple rules that can help you to attract the attention of a pretty Russian girl and to build serious long-lasting relations with her.

Do you know what word is the most pleasant for any person? Don’t rack your brains on going through millions of variants. The answer is very easy – his or her own name. So if you want to attract the attention of a hot Russian girl, you should always call her by the name and, when communicating over the Internet, often include it to your letters. Calling a person by the name helps to create an intimate atmosphere and brings them closer.

Try to answer all the questions that your pretty Russian girlfriend is asking you and don’t be shy to ask yours in return. Communication is the only way to know each other better. Also you should always be polite and patient, don’t be rude and don’t interrupt your potential Russian wife.

Don’t be afraid to show your feelings and emotions to your beautiful Russian lady. Women are very sensitive and they want to be sure that their feelings are not left without response. Talking about your love won’t make you look weak and less manful. Read more

Who Should Pay for the First Date with a Pretty Russian Girl?

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Pay for the First Date with a Pretty Russian Girl“When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.” – Voltaire

Over ten years ago there couldn’t even raise such a question – who should pay for the date? But nowadays when women have struggled for their rights and equality, it won’t be a surprise for anyone that bill is often divided or even totally paid by women. But you should remember that Russia is a rather traditional country and the majority of people there have obsolescent (you can even call them out-of-date) views. And traditionally, it has been the man who pays for the drinks and dinner at the date and especially at the first one. So if you are asking a beautiful Russian lady out, you hold the traditional line of thinking and prepare to foot the bill. Very rare Russian girls rarely offer to pay the whole bill at the first date. Read more

Protect Yourself from Russian Online Dating Scams

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Every day thousands of people make acquaintances over the internet and develop serious romantic relations. More and more singles want to find their perfect matches at online marriage agencies. Russian online dating sites are well-known for the most beautiful mail order brides dreaming to have serious relations and a great number of relationship scams dreaming to lay hold on your money.

First of all you should be very serious and careful when choosing the dating website. Choose a trustworthy and reliable online dating agency. Don’t hurry up! Carefully look through the reviews, comments and the site reputation over the Internet.  Dating scammers prefer free dating sites or agencies where they don’t need to confirm their identity with a passport or a personal meeting.

Avoid a too big age difference. Usually Russian girls are searching for elder men as they consider them to be mature, reliable, stable and responsible, but an age gap in more than 20 years can be a problem. Read more

How Can You Make Sure that Your Pretty Russian Girl Is a Scam?

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Russian online dating site are very popular not only among Western men dreaming to find a perfect wives, but also among romance scams dreaming to cheat you and to steal your money. Here are some general signs showing your beautiful Russian lady is a scammer.

  1. At all here photos she looks like a professional model and doesn’t send you many here photos. Also her photos are taken nearly at one time.
  2. After one or two letters she tells you about her feelings, that she is in love with you and you are the only one for her.
  3. In her replies your hot Russian girl avoids direct questions and telling you about her life and work in details. Also she doesn’t give you her direct postal address or home phone number. Read more

Several Things a Men Should Never Do on the First Date with a Sweet Russian Girl

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Several Things a Men Should Never Do on the First DateFirst date… There can be only one first impression you can make on your magnificent Russian girl and we are sure you want it to be good or even the best. Even if you were dating online and know a lot about each other, first date is one of the most important points of your romantic relationships. So, how to make this day unforgettable? What should you avoid doing to make your first date with a pretty Russian mail order bride successful? First of all, don’t be late, as all hot Russian women like punctual men. Punctuality is a sign of respect and your first step to the second date. Don’t leave your mobile phone turned on – it can be really annoying to hear the phone constantly ringing. But even if you have left you cell phone turned on, don’t answer the calls – It’s one more sign of disrespect to your mail order bride. Never invite your friends on your first date. Your pretty Russian date can feel herself uncomfortable, like a third wheel. First date is your time to get to know each other better and your friend’s presence will interfere your relationships. Read more

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