The Day of Frontiersman Is Celebrated on May 28 in Russia

“There is such a profession: to defend your Motherland”

Online dating is an excellent way for singles from all across the world to find their second halves. But in this case you are thousands miles away from your beloved mail order bride, divided by several countries and numerous borders. And every country pays lots of efforts to defend its borders. The guarantee of one country’s wellbeing is the strength of boundaries, which are protected by frontiersmen. In Russia there is a special professional holiday for these courageous soldiers – the Day of Frontiersman in the Frontier Tollgate, celebrated annually on May 28. The Day of Frontiersmen is traditionally celebrated with various concert programs that include numerous songs of famous singers and the fantastic performances of dance ensembles. Also usually frontiers are congratulated and given presents by the name of public government.

So it is the opportunity to honor those brave men who risk their lives to protect your wonderful Russian girlfriend.

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