Visit the Main Sights of the Town Vladimir with Your Pretty Russian Lady

One of the major towns of the Golden Ring is Vladimir – an ancient Russian city and a significant tourist center. So what places should you visit with your sweet Russian bride and which will help you to know the history and the culture of her native country better.

We start with the three chief monuments included into the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO: the Assumption Cathedral, the Cathedral of St. Demetrius and the Golden Gate

Golden Gate originally was a tower over the main entrance to the city and it was built in 1158–1164 and in the 18th century was totally reconstructed. There is also situated a museum that describes the history of the Mongol invasion of Russia in the 13th century. Read more >>>

Does Your Beloved Russian Girl Live In the City Vladimir?

Russian Girl Live In the City VladimirAnother city from the Golden Ring and where can live your beloved Russian girlfriend is Vladimir (not a popular Russian men’s name but an ancient town). Nowadays it is the administrative center of Vladimir Oblast and is situated on the Klyazma River to the East from the Russian capital. Vladimir is a great Russian city and two its cathedrals are included in to the list of World Heritage Sites. This town was founded in 1108, firstly mentioned in the chronicles, but this territory was has been inhabited for over 25,000 years. There are two opinions about the name of the city: according to one of them it gained the name from Vladimir II Monomakh, Velikiy Kniaz of Kievan Rus and another states that this region was visited by Vladimir the Great, the founder of Russian Orthodoxy. Read more >>>

Visit a Moscow Restaurant of Traditional Russian Cuisine with Your Sweet Mail Order Bride

Life in Moscow is fast and very busy. Every week appear several new restaurants and cafes. All they offer dishes from different cuisines of the world. But still there are lots of places specializing in traditional Russian cuisine and you should obviously visit one of them.

The Gostiny Dvor (Merchant’s Yard) Restaurant is really a fantastic place including a large hall, a summer terrace, a VIP hall, VIP cabins and also a non-smoking hall. There are served traditional Russian dishes and also can be cooked personalize dishes upon guest’s request.

Just in the center of Moscow, near the Triumphal Arch and Poklonnoya Mountain is located the restaurant Sudar. It is decorated as an ancient Russian hall and offers its guests traditional Russian dishes prepared to the recipes of ancient cookery books. Read more >>>

Eating Out With Your Beautiful Russian Girl in Moscow

Beautiful Russian Girl in MoscowIn Moscow there are thousand restaurants that can fit every taste: from the large and luxury, to small and inexpensive fast foods. Just in any place all over the Moscow you can find an excellent restaurants and cafes offering all kinds of food and drinks. Manu of them are attractive not only with tasty dishes, but also excellent interesting interiors, that will make every meal memorable for you and your gorgeous Russian mail order bride. Traditional Russian, American, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German… the list can be really endless. If you or your sweet Russian girl is a vegetarian, you also won’t be limited in choice. In Moscow you will never have a problem to find a restaurant. There you will have another difficulty… which one of them to choose. Agree with your beloved Russian mail order bride upon the restaurants for your dates. You can choose among the culinary traditions of different countries of the world and according to the price level.

Your Arrival to Your Sweet Russian Woman in Moscow

Sweet Russian Woman in Moscow The first meeting is very exciting, especially when you are going to see your beloved Russian mail order bride. You know so much about each other, butt still are strangers, And now you are coming to a new for you country and city and should prepare very careful to this romantic journey. Of course, there is your sweet Russian girlfriend and marriage agency, which can always help you, but to have less troubles you should know as many as possible about Moscow. Today we are talking about the places you will see the first there: airports and railway stations.

Let’s start with the airports. There are three international airports: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo.

Domodedovo International Airport is the largest airport in Russia and serves the guests of Moscow from all the corners of the globe. It was officially opened in 1965 and s easily reachable at any time of the day. It is connected with the Russian capital with a modern speedway and railway. Read more >>>

To What Weather You Should Prepare Yourself When Visiting Your Sweet Russian Girl in Moscow?

Visiting Your Russian Girl in MoscowGoing to visit your beloved Russian girl you should arrange lots of different things. First of all you should book tickets, find the apartments to stay in, choose some place for your first real date, buy some romantic present to your sweet mail order bride… but are you really prepared for your trip? Have you packed your luggage? Before choosing cloths for your romantic journey, you should check the weather forecasts or know what weather is usual for Moscow.

Russia is a northern country, but in summer the temperature in Moscow can raise up to 30-35 °C. Also you should be ready to often rains that are also usual for the early autumn. Winter season starts not according to the calendar, but from the late October. It is very snowy and the average temperature is nearly 5-15 degree below zero, but also can reach the mark of -30 °C. Spring usually comes to Moscow late, in April. It is one of the most wet and dirty seasons of the year. Read more >>>

Arrange a Romantic Dinner for Your Pretty Russian Bride in Moscow

Russian Bride in MoscowMeeting your beautiful Russian woman in person is one of the most important steps of your romantic relations. To arrange a romantic dinner in the new unusual for you city is not an easy task. Especially it is hard to choose the best restaurant to invite your beloved mail order bride to. In Moscow you can find really great number of restaurants and cafes, and their quality is getting better and better every day. We provide you with the list of the first-rate Moscow restaurant, which can be ideal places for your first date with a pretty Russian girl.

Do you know the world famous Russian poet? Of course, his name is Pushkin. One of the most popular high-class Moscow restaurants was named after him. It is decorated in accordance with the fashion and traditions of the 19th century: members’ dresses, menu and all the dishes. There you can taste many most famous Russian dishes blini with caviar, pelmeni and enjoy the best wines from the best wineries of the world. Read more >>>

Does Your Beloved Russian Girlfriend Live In the City of Brides?

ivanovo russian bridesHave you ever heard about the Russian city Ivanovo? It is one more city of the Golden Ring and maybe your beloved Russian lady is living there. It has been traditionally called the textile capital of Russia, but another more popular name is “the City of Brides”. Why brides? The majority of textile workers are women, but for the last years it has gone into decline. It is a typical industrial city of the Soviet times. There are no really many sights in Ivanovo, but it doesn’t really matter if you came there to meet with your dream Russian woman. You can go on excursion to the Museum of Industry and Art, the Palace of the Arts or the Museum of Ivanovo Chintz. You can stay at the Ivanovo Tourist Hotel, located on the banks of the River Uvod. Read more >>>

The Best Restaurants for You and Your Magnificent Russian Lady in Rostov Veliky

Do you want to amaze your beloved Russian girl with a wonderful first date? Preparing it in the city you have never been before can be very hard, but still possible. The ideal way for you is to choose one of the restaurants and to invite her there.

One of the most prestigious restaurants in Rostov Veliky, located on the first floor of the ancient building in the very center of the town, is Slavyansky. There you can enjoy an excellent cuisine and friendly first-class services.

In the very heart of the city, in the Kremlin, you can enjoy the traditional Russian cuisine in Trapeznaya Palata. If you want to have a dinner in the palace of Russian tsars’, you have found the right place for it. Read more >>>

Hotels You Can Stay, While Visiting Your Sweet Russian Bride in Rostov Veliky

Sweet Russian Bride in Rostov VelikyBefore starting your romantic journey to your sweet Russian mail order bride you should check the list of the hotels and choose the one that suites all your wishes. In Rostov Veliky there are a number of hotels that could offer their guests excellent first-rate services and accommodation. Here are just some of them.
In the center of Rostov Veliky is located Usadba Pleshanova that offers warm hospitality, outstanding service and delicious Russian cuisine. The elegant modern interiors will make your romantic tour really cozy and pleasant. In this hotel guests can enjoy a swimming pool, car parking and a first rate restaurant.
The Boyarsky Dvor is the hotel that refers to the European standards situated in the historical center of Rostov Veliky. Its guests can enjoy the bar and the restaurant located in the hotel. Read more >>>

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