High-Rate Restaurants of St. Petersburg for Your First Date with a Pretty Russian Lady

High-Rate Restaurants of St. Petersburg for Your First DateIt’s not really hard to find the best place for your first date with your beautiful Russian girl in the cultural capital of Russia. Nowadays St. Petersburg can offer its citizens and guests a large variety of restaurants presenting the cuisines of different countries of the world. So here is the list of the first-class restaurants you can choose for this important meeting.

We start with the Davidov, a high-quality restaurant representing the best traditions of Russian cuisine, combined with the trends of contemporary European chefs. There you can delicious Russian dishes, including caviar, vodkas and desserts.

The Aquarel is St. Peterburg’s great floating restaurant, offering the magnificent panoramic views of the Neva River and the city center. In the cozy and romantic atmosphere you and your pretty Russian bride can enjoy the fantastic fusion cuisine combining Russian, Mediterranean and Asian elements. Read more >>>

Prepare For the First Date with a Sweet Russian Woman Very Careful

Prepare For the First Date with Russian WomanOh, this terrifying moment of the first face-to-face meeting with a beautiful Russian mail order bride. For you both it is really special as you cannot say that you don’t know each other at all. You’ve communicated for some time over Internet, but still it’s not the same as the real life dating. You have waited for it for several months and, of course, want to make an excellent first impression on your magnificent Russian girlfriend.

Are you a good shape? If you want to make your beautiful Russian woman fell in love with you from the first sign, you should try to keep fit. Choose on of the kinds of sport, or go to the gym, moreover a good fit will make you more self-confident and it’s a one more advantage. Read more >>>

First-Class St. Petersburg Hotels You Can Stay In When Visiting Your Beautiful Russian Bride

The hotels of St. Petersburg are among the best of the world. So during your visit to a sweet Russian mail order bride you can enjoy the luxuries apartments and first-rate services. Even if your beautiful Russian girlfriend is not a citizen of St. Petersburg, you can invite her to visit this astonishing city together. This way you should order her a separate room.

The first 5-star hotel we will talk about is the Grand Hotel Emerald. It is situated in the historical part of The Grand Hotel Europe is considered to be the best hotel not only in St. Petersburg, but in the whole Russia. It is located near the Nevsky Prospekt, the central avenue of the Northern capital. This breathtaking hotel is only several minutes walk away from the most famous sights: the Hermitage, the Kazansky Cathedral, the Russian Museum, etc. This hotel is an architect masterpiece and offers its guests first-rate service and accommodations decorated in classical style. There you can enjoy fitness facilities, sauna, gym, solarium and a business center. Numerous restaurants, bars and cafes offer the dishes for everyone’s taste. Read more >>>

Visit the Peterhof with Your Potential Dream Russian Wife

Potential Dream Russian WifeNot every city can boast with such a great number of sights and attractions you can find in St. Petersburg. And one of the most beautiful and exciting places is the palace and park at Peterhof (Petrodvorets). This magnificent place is also called Russian Versailles.

The Grand Palace at Peterhof was designed to be the centerpiece of Peterhof. Its erection was orded by Peter the Great and completed by his daughter Elizabeth. Later it was renovated during the reign of Catherine the Great. And this wonderful palace is surrounded with the spectacular parkland that combines the variety of styles. It can be considered an encyclopedia of park design and is the real masterpiece of the European aristocratic fashion.  And numerous astonishing fountains add the wonderful note to the decoration of the park. Read more >>>

How to Make You Marriage with a Beautiful Russian Woman Life-Long

“Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.” – Barnett Brickner

Wedding! It’s a dream… a happy continuation of your romantic relationships… a new step to life-long love and happiness. The majority of beautiful Russian girls are dreaming about true love, wedding and happy life-long marriage. On the way to this dream there are a lot of obstacles, and not only when searching for your dear one, but after you have found your perfect match and married him or her. Wedding is not the final step and after it you still should work a lot to make your marriage with a pretty Russian mail order wife successful.

There are always some ups and downs in any relationships. If you or your beautiful Russian woman has any doubts, problems or questions, you should never close up. All the problems in marriage should be solved with the help of the open dialog. Read more >>>

Some Secrets to “Conquer” a Beautiful Russian Mail Order Bride

Some Secrets Beautiful Russian Mail Order BrideBoth now and always men all over the world tried to learn how to understand women. But still no one has answered it (I reveal a great secret: even women don’t know the answer to it). Women all over are really different, but there are lots of features that unite them all – from all the corners of the world and of all the ages. So there are some simple rules that can help you to attract the attention of a pretty Russian girl and to build serious long-lasting relations with her.

Do you know what word is the most pleasant for any person? Don’t rack your brains on going through millions of variants. The answer is very easy – his or her own name. So if you want to attract the attention of a hot Russian girl, you should always call her by the name and, when communicating over the Internet, often include it to your letters. Calling a person by the name helps to create an intimate atmosphere and brings them closer.

Try to answer all the questions that your pretty Russian girlfriend is asking you and don’t be shy to ask yours in return. Communication is the only way to know each other better. Also you should always be polite and patient, don’t be rude and don’t interrupt your potential Russian wife.

Don’t be afraid to show your feelings and emotions to your beautiful Russian lady. Women are very sensitive and they want to be sure that their feelings are not left without response. Talking about your love won’t make you look weak and less manful. Read more >>>

Enjoy the Summer St. Petersburg with Your Beloved Russian Girlfriend

Beloved Russian GirlfriendIn summer St. Petersburg is always overflowed with visitors from all the corners of the globe. This season is especially popular for its magnificent romance. From May and till the end of July all the citizens and guests of St. Petersburg can celebrate the return of warmth and nearly the 24 hours daylight. This phenomenon is caused because of the very northerly geographical location and it’s not unique. But St. Petersburg is the only world’s most northern city with a population over 1 million people. These days and especially nights on the streets of St. Petersburg stays wonderful romantic, friendly and lively atmosphere. Also during this period is held an annual international arts festival. In it take part Russian dancers, singers, musicians and actors and also world-known guest stars. Every year millions of people attend this famous night-time cultural festival. Read more >>>

What Places You Should See When Visiting Your Russian Girl in St. Petersburg

Great Russian and foreign artists, poets, writers and composers admired and still admire the beauty of Saint Petersburg and its women. It is considered to be the cultural capital of Russian and surely has a lot to show to its citizens and guests. And, of course, you cannot leave its most famous sights without attention.

The first place people go after arrival to St. Petersburg is the State Hermitage Museum. It’s not an ordinal place, but a must-see for the city guests. Its collection numbers over 3 million items, from Impressionist masterpieces to fascinating Oriental treasures.  Of course no one can view all them just during one or even two visits and not to be lost there you’d better to order a guided tour to catch all the highlights of the collection. The majority of them are housed in the Winter Palace, the official residence of the Romanov Tsars in the past. Read more >>>

Love Is Not the Only Feeling You Need for a Happy Marriage with a Hot Russian Lady

Happy Marriage with a Hot Russian Lady“There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.” – Martin Luther

Love! It is a wonderful feeling. Everyone, single men and women from all across the globe, is dreaming to find his or her true love and to life happily to the end of their lives. Romance and falling in love is a first step to the marriage. But you and your gorgeous Russian girl should remember that development serious relationships require much more efforts. Marriage is not simple romantic adventure based on mutual attraction and passionate affection. Of course, all these feelings are very important, but you both should be very careful with your choice. First of all the most successful marriages are based on friendship, so you should try to know your dear Russian bride better. Cultural differences can be an obstacle, but at the same time it can bring diversity to your family life (you can enlarge your scope and also celebrate much more holidays together). Read more >>>

Who Should Pay for the First Date with a Pretty Russian Girl?

Pay for the First Date with a Pretty Russian Girl“When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.” – Voltaire

Over ten years ago there couldn’t even raise such a question – who should pay for the date? But nowadays when women have struggled for their rights and equality, it won’t be a surprise for anyone that bill is often divided or even totally paid by women. But you should remember that Russia is a rather traditional country and the majority of people there have obsolescent (you can even call them out-of-date) views. And traditionally, it has been the man who pays for the drinks and dinner at the date and especially at the first one. So if you are asking a beautiful Russian lady out, you hold the traditional line of thinking and prepare to foot the bill. Very rare Russian girls rarely offer to pay the whole bill at the first date. Read more >>>

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