Choosing photos for a profile on a dating site

The number of men looking for a foreign wife with the help of some dating sites is increasing every day. The reasons are different, though some skeptics claim dating on the Internet won’t lead to stable long-lasting relations, and it is a means for too lazy men and women. Of course it’s not. It’s become a usual way to meet a second half. It only depends on your desires and character. Read more >>>

Some advice what to specify in the profile if you are seriously looking to marry a foreign bride

If you have made up your mind to register on our dating site in search for a perfect European bride, we would like to give you some advice. First and foremost, try to stand out. Specify something special and particular about yourself, what you are proud of, what differs you from other men. As any foreign pen pal will first of all judge you by the description on your profile. So, avoid well-known clichés and commonly used expressions. Read more >>>

Some reasons why Russian brides and ladies from Ukraine look for marries on the net

Currently the number of women dating using marriage agencies is increasing. Ukrainian and Russian women are seeking to marry their perfect man abroad. Such mailorderbrides realize most probably they will have to move to their pen pal for all their life and they emigrate consciously. The reasons of such behavior are different. For a great number of ladies from Russia it is search for new experience in their life, improving their knowledge in English, finding a promising job and establishing stable relations with the beloved somebody. Read more >>>

When you make up your mind to travel to Russian bride

After some period of communicating with a Russian woman on the net and phone you will make up your mind to travel to the country where your mail-order bride lives. And that decision is absolutely reasonable. One date will show more than a dozen of letters; it will show everything, like mimics, glances, appearance, intonation and voice. You will get to know the nature of the Russian girl, the lifestyle and customs of the family. Read more >>>

Some tips for establishing correspondence with a single Russian woman

If you think writing letters is not your strong point, don’t worry, it can be easily improved. Just keep in mind some advice. Don’t hurry up too much. Let the communication advance smoothly. First tell the foreign bride about yourself, and let the Russian lady introduce herself to you. Then let the mail order bride know about your education, job, and future plans, and ask the same question to her. Don’t write in too many details, leave it for future letters. Read more >>>

Don’t send money to your date

Don’t send money or do any transactions before you’ll meet your date personaly. The standart scheme for dating scam is to ask money for transportation, paying for the internet, tickets and visa’s expenses.

Your first meeting with your date

It is not a smart idea to be alone with someone you have just met. When arranging your first (or even second or third) meeting with a person, make it clear that you intend to meet in a public place and arrange all transportation on your own. It is also wise to advise a friend or relative where you will be. Do not let anyone pressure you into doing anything you are not comfortable doing. Err on the side of caution and all will be well!

Phone connection

Have you ever spoken to a business contact on the phone – and then when you met them, they looked entirely different from the way you had pictured? Exchanging a current photo (not the one taken at the beach 20 years ago when you were young, skinny and cute!) is a good way to determine whether you are attracted to the other person. But it is a good safety measure too.

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is still the best policy. Let’s face it, when you are typing away from a distance, it is easy to mislead (that’s a euphemism, we really mean LIE!) about yourself. Honesty breeds honesty. Stick to the truth and, chances are, the other person will follow suit.

Stay anonymous as long as needed

It is perfectly fine to reveal your first name in the early stages of your correspondence with an internet stranger. Beyond that, however, please use caution. Think to yourself, is it prudent to tell someone who you don’t know from Adam (or Eve!) your last name, your home address, your work address or your telephone number? (The correct answer is NO). Until you feel extremely comfortable with the other person, it is best to use the nick name designed for that purpose.
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