Is your Beautiful Russian Mail Order Bride Really Attracted to You? Reading Her Body Language at the First Date

Beautiful Russian Mail Order Bride“Body language is a very powerful tool. We had body language before we had speech, and apparently, 80% of what you understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words.” – Deborah Bull

Body language is a very significant part of people’s communication. It can make up over 50% of what you are talking with your pretty Russian women. You may say that for your online communication body language is absolutely useless. But what about your meeting with hot Russian lady in person. If you want to converse well, there are lots of reasons to learn body language signals and to understand how you can use them to know what your gorgeous Russian bride really mean.

First of all we will talk about some signals showing that hot mail order bride is not really attracted to you. For some women it’s very hard to say that she is not attracted to a guy and don’t feel any “sparks”. They can be wary of giving offence to a man. But with the help of body language you can everything from the very first date and not to loose time on building “fated” relationships. The absence of eye contact is the first sign when someone is lying. Also it’s a bad sign if your date is often turning from you. Also, if your pretty girlfriend seems to be too strained, it may show that she feels uncomfortable in your presence.

But don’t make hasty judgments. May be she is very shy.

Mostly every man on the Earth dream to know what are women thinking about and who they really like. Body language is your wonderful opportunity to know the thoughts of your Beautiful Russian girlfriend. It is a form of non-verbal communication, which consists of body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements. Humans send and interpret such signals almost entirely subconsciously. Why not to use body language and to make benefit? So we turn to some general signs telling that sweet Russian girl is interested in you.

If a woman is looking into your eyes with deep interest and is blinking more than usual, when talking to you, waving her eyelashes, it’s a very good signal for you. When pretty mail order bride is widely smiling, biting her lips, licking and wetting them, she is actually interested in you. Also you should pay attention to the voice of your magnificent Russian woman. The often changes in volume and speed, as well as the tries to laugh in unison with you, are the secret codes of attraction.

There are thousands of ways beautiful women can express their interest to a man. Words, gestures, mimics, their bodies… Very often men has skeptical attitude to women’s words and pretend they are always lying. Whether body can lie? No! If you want to know if your magnificent Russian lady is attracted by you or just playing with your feelings, you should know some secrets about body language. When communicating via the Internet you have no opportunity to use this knowledge, but it can be at hand at your first date and further. We continue the list of signals of women’s interest.

Watch your sweet Russian lady’s hands. If she is often turn her palms up, constantly touching herself in order to attract your attention to some parts of her body, playing with some objects (keys, phone, glass or toys) , touching your hand, arm, shoulder, thigh, when talking to you, etc. Great! She likes you!

The whole pose of your girlfriend can tell a lot. For example if her legs are pointing on you or she is moving in time to the music and look into your eyes, it means she is truly attracted to you.

Hope this information will help you to recognize some of the signs and to know Russian girl’s attitude to you. Is she in love with you? Be very careful! Not all women have the same body language. Good luck!

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