Arrange a Romantic Dinner for Your Pretty Russian Bride in Moscow

Russian Bride in MoscowMeeting your beautiful Russian woman in person is one of the most important steps of your romantic relations. To arrange a romantic dinner in the new unusual for you city is not an easy task. Especially it is hard to choose the best restaurant to invite your beloved mail order bride to. In Moscow you can find really great number of restaurants and cafes, and their quality is getting better and better every day. We provide you with the list of the first-rate Moscow restaurant, which can be ideal places for your first date with a pretty Russian girl.

Do you know the world famous Russian poet? Of course, his name is Pushkin. One of the most popular high-class Moscow restaurants was named after him. It is decorated in accordance with the fashion and traditions of the 19th century: members’ dresses, menu and all the dishes. There you can taste many most famous Russian dishes blini with caviar, pelmeni and enjoy the best wines from the best wineries of the world.

Another most famous and popular Russian restaurant, in spite of the rather high prices, is Bochka (barrel). The hall of the restaurant resemble a large barrel in the middle of which is grilled a bull carcass. There are served all the traditional Russian foods (pancakes, shchi, borshch, pelmeni) and drinks (kvass and nalivkas).

In the Café des Artistes you can enjoy not only excellent cuisine, but also the works of art. It is a wonderful combination of a restaurant and an art gallery. The Café des Artistes you can choose among the French, Swiss, and Italian cuisines.

First date is a hard and very essential point of your romantic relationships with a magnificent Russian girl. But organizing it in unusual for you place can be very hard. The ideal variant for you is to choose one of the numerous Moscow restaurants and order a romantic dinner there.

In the old region of Moscow, in one of the oldest Moscow buildings famous for its outstanding architecture is situated one of the most well-known restaurants – the Central House of Writers. It’s a fantastic place with crystal chandeliers, rich wood panels, fireplaces and old-fashioned balustrades, specialized in Russian and French cuisines.

The restaurant with the best French cuisine and wine collection in Moscow is a Carré Blanc. This wonderful restaurant has gained a firm place in the hearts of Moscow citizens and guests.

And, of course, we couldn’t overlook the most fashionable Moscow restaurant – Galereya. There you can taste the first-rate European dishes and watch numerous beautiful famous people who visit the restaurant.

Even if you don’t want to go to the restaurant and prefer to arrange a calm romantic dinner at your or your girlfriend’s apartments, or want to organize a picnic in the park, you can order food and drinks in one of the restaurant on your choice. Amaze your gorgeous Russian woman with a wonderful romantic lunch or dinner.

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