30th of July (the Last Friday of July) – System Administrator Appreciation Day

Every last Friday of July managers of corporate and home networks, administrators of data bases,  postal and software systems celebrate their professional holiday. Sysadmins! Who are they? We rarely see them but nowadays we can’t imagine our life without them. It is said that profession of sysadmin is somehow similar to the profession of doctor: when everything goes right, we seldom think about them, but if there are some problems we always beg them for help. System Administrator Appreciation Day was invented by American sysadmin Ted Kekatos. He decided that sysadmins should achieve gratitude from users at least once a year and firstly this holiday was celebrated on the 28th of July in 1999 in America. Later System Administrator Appreciation Day became an international holiday and is now celebrated all over the globe.
This day people show appreciation to the workers of the “invisible front”, sysadmins and other IT workers, because due to their work we all can easily use computers and the Internet. Yes! Due to the their work you can use world wide network, receive e-mails, find useful information and even search for beautiful Russian mail order bide. Sysadmins deserves appreciation!

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