Can you afford a family life with a beautiful Russian girl?

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You are just an average American guy. You have made an acquaintance with a wonderful Russian lady and you are sure that she is your second half. But now have some doubts whether you can afford such a magnificent and excellent woman? Whether you can support her with a dignified life? Rid your mind of doubts and fears. Russian women are so beautiful and wear so stylish cloths, but it doesn’t mean that they are spoiled and effeminate. You should know that salaries in Russia are much lower than in the United States. Read more

8th of July – the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity in Russia

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“The Family is the Country of the heart.” Giuseppe Mazzini

The Day of Family is a very young holiday in Russia. I was firstly marked on the 8th of July 2008, and as it is known 2008 was announced to be the Family Year. The Day of Family is celebrated on Peter and Fevronia Day (the Orthodox patron saints of married couples). There is a tale about Prince Peter, who ruled the Russian city of Murom in the 13th century. He was cure of leprosy by Fevronia, a young peasant woman. The prince gave up the throne for love and married Fevronia. They had to live through many sufferings. But everything end happily, the people of Murom called the wise Prince Peter back. He ruled fairly and lived a happy family life. Read more

Family and Parents Are Very Important for Your Russian Mail Order Bride

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Russia is well known all over the world as the country where family ties are very strong, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that your Russian lady can be very devoted to her parents. It was found out by German scientists that relations between parents and elder children are much stronger. For girls this connection is more significant and they communicate with parents very often. If they don’t live with parent then they visit or call them at least once a week. You may think it’s too often, but be ready that you beloved Russian girl can consider it’s an absolutely ordinal thing. Read more

Real Russian woman – Who is she?

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Every Russian woman is a mystery, who won’t open her soul absolutely, who is charming and perfect. Every Russian girl is different, starting from the appearance and up to the specific preferences. But there is something that unites all of them and makes them the perfect foreign wife.
Russian brides are feminine, gracious, and unforgettable. They look like models, and every man is proud of dating such a girl.
Russian women are intelligent and skillful. Good education is the main priority in Russian family. And that makes them valuable specialists and wonderful company; they can easily discuss politics and sports, philosophical and scientific matters.
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