Charming Your Beautiful Russian Mail Order Bride from the First Date

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Preparing for the first date is a real trail for any man and even if you are dating with a gorgeous Russian girl online for a rather long time, you are not cleared off this important test. But we are always ready to help! We can offer you several pieces of advice, using which you can make a good impression and easily charm your magnificent Russian mail order bride. And if you really want to have a chance for a second date just follow these easy tips.

Your first real life meeting with your potential Russian wife should be unforgettable, so you should avoid tradition restaurants and cinemas and plan something new and unusual. Invite your magnificent Russian girl n a picnic to the park or some shady forest, organize a small trip to some picturesque place, etc. Turn on your imagination and follow your intuition. Moreover you can find out what does your pretty date like. Read more

What Should You Wear on the First Date to Charm a Sweet Russian Mail Order Bride?

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“Clothes make the man.  Naked people have little or no influence on society.” – Mark Twain

You are dating online and can see your beautiful Russian mail order bride only on the photos or via the web-cam. And now it comes this wonderful moment your first date, the opportunity to see your magnificent Russian girlfriend in real life. And, of course, you want to make the right impression. Usually men don’t sweat over what to wear, but the first date is the special moment.

Look through all your clothes and if you think that there is nothing matching this wonderful important occasion. So you should go shopping (one more horror word for men). If you are not sure what makes look you better, ask your friends to help you (and it’s better them to be girls). Read more

What Questions Should You Ask Yourself on the First Date with a Hot Mail Order Bride?

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Hot Mail Order BrideSeveral years ago international online dating came into our lives and rapidly won the popularity. Nowadays it’s hard to find a person who has never heard about online dating sites and online marriage agencies. Thousands of singles from all across the world and from all path of life have found their love and built serious long-lasting romantic relationships. When communicating over the Internet you have an opportunity to know each other closer, but really it’s very hard to find out whether your and your Russian girl’s feelings are true and you are a good couple. The face-to-face meeting can clear the air. So you should prepare for this significant first date very careful and remember several signs telling that your relationships can be successful. Is she looking into your eyes (Never forget about the significance of the eye contact)? Read more

Is your Beautiful Russian Mail Order Bride Really Attracted to You? Reading Her Body Language at the First Date

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Beautiful Russian Mail Order Bride“Body language is a very powerful tool. We had body language before we had speech, and apparently, 80% of what you understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words.” – Deborah Bull

Body language is a very significant part of people’s communication. It can make up over 50% of what you are talking with your pretty Russian women. You may say that for your online communication body language is absolutely useless. But what about your meeting with hot Russian lady in person. If you want to converse well, there are lots of reasons to learn body language signals and to understand how you can use them to know what your gorgeous Russian bride really mean.

First of all we will talk about some signals showing that hot mail order bride is not really attracted to you. For some women it’s very hard to say that she is not attracted to a guy and don’t feel any “sparks”. They can be wary of giving offence to a man. But with the help of body language you can everything from the very first date and not to loose time on building “fated” relationships. The absence of eye contact is the first sign when someone is lying. Also it’s a bad sign if your date is often turning from you. Also, if your pretty girlfriend seems to be too strained, it may show that she feels uncomfortable in your presence. Read more

What to Gift Your Pretty Russian Girlfriend on the First Date?

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What to Gift Your Pretty Russian Girlfriend“You give but little when you give of your possessions.  It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” – Kahlil Gibran

Making presents usually gives even more pleasure than receiving them. What can be more pleasant than seeing your sweet date happy and to look into your pretty Russian girl’s shining eyes? It’s a very complicated task to choose a gift for the first date. But we are dealing with online dating and you have enough time to know what does your sexy Russian lady prefer and how will she react on your present. You should be sure that this gift won’t ruin your ‘young’ and ‘fragile’ romantic relationships. Your gift for the first date shouldn’t be expensive, as it will seem that you are trying to buy her. So, the present better to be small, but significant for your beautiful Russian woman. Flowers and chocolate stay the ideal variant. Communicating online with a gorgeous Russian lady you have a wonderful opportunity to know her interests and to make a special gift for her. Read more

The First Date with a Beautiful Russian Mail Order Bride Is Not Similar to Ordinal Blind Date

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“People go to casinos for the same reason they go on blind dates – hoping to hit the jackpot. But mostly, you just wind up broke or alone in a bar.” – Sarah Jessica Parker

BLIND DATE – two simple words that can fill the heart of any single man with fear and horror. Many of them wonder: WHY! Why do their friends, who seem to know them to the tips of their fingers, think that they can be a good couple with one or another single girl? May be they want to get rid of you or from her? All these awful evenings with women you don’t know at all and silly attempts to find a topic for conversation… Is this situation familiar to you? Don’t you dream to stop this continuous cycle? Well-known online dating can be the answer to your prayers.  At numerous Russian dating websites you can easily find a beautiful hot single lady and to talk to her. You may ask: But one day we would meet in real life and isn’t it a one more blind date? No! When going on the first date with a gorgeous Russian mail order bride you won’t have such problems. Read more

Preparing for the First Visit of Your Gorgeous Russian Mail Order Bride

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“Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me.” – Sarah Bernhardt

Inviting women to your “baccalaurean” house or flat is a very difficult task for any men and, when we are talking about building international romantic relationships over the Internet, it is much harder. You beautiful Russian lady visit not only your house, but your native country and city. Even if it’s not your first date, it is a very significant stage of your relationships and you should prepare everything in advance.

Your house or flat is the reflection of your underworld and style of life. You should always keep your place presentable and clean, but you should make some special arrangements and decorations for your sweet Russian lady. First of all make a spring cleaning, even if it’s not spring 😉 Don’t forget about flowers – you can put several bouquets around the house. Also you can purchase some unique pieces of art or interesting stylish furniture. Read more

You Can Arrange the First Date with a Russian Girl Online

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Online dating provides people the chance to search for their perfect matches over the Internet. It is wonderful that you have such a quick and easy way to find a date, but this way you are deprived of the opportunity to see your girlfriend in person. You cannot see her sparkling eyes, seductive smile, hear her charming sweet voice, touch her silky skin… If you are thousands miles away from each other, it is very hard to arrange a face-to-face meeting. But is your “rendezvous” really so impossible? What do you think about arranging an online date with your pretty mail order bride? Indeed, there are lots of opportunities. If you and your beautiful lady have web cameras, it is a perfect variant. Read more

How to impress your Russian mail order bride on the first date?

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Wow! First date! It’s a very important step in development of your relationships.
You have been communicating via the Internet for some time, had several phone calls and have known each other quite well. But you are looking for marriage and are ready for the next step, first meeting in real life. So, how to make a good impression on your Russian girlfriend?
Before the meeting you should pay attention to your look. Remember a saying ‘Clothes count for the first impressions’. So, appearance is of great importance. Visit a hair dresser beforehand and don’t forget that your hands also should look tidy. Read more

Several Tips How to Make the First Meeting with Your Russian Mail Order Bride Perfect

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Very often men are self-confident and calm when they are in common surroundings and among their friends, but when it concerns the meeting with Russian women they just need more fortitude and composure. The thought, that men’s and women’s worlds are completely poles apart and relations between them are similar to war, is widespread between representatives of both genders. You can’t predict the actions and the decisions of any woman as well as the result of your first meeting with the Russian girl.  You never know what can happen, but you can try your best to make the first date with your Russian lady successful. Read more