Tips That Will Make Your Phone Talk with the Russian Mail Order Bride Successful

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In distant relations phone conversations are very important as they help to create an impression about a person you have never seen in real life. Here are some tips how to make a good impression on your Russian girl from the very first call.
The first phone talk shouldn’t be long. It doesn’t matter how much time you have and how long you can chat, it will be better to make an impression that you are living full life.
You shouldn’t phone just to talk. You should have an exact purpose. Think over the topic you want to discuss and questions you want to ask in advance. Be optimistic and don’t complain and criticize. Read more

If you are planning a first phone conversation with a foreign lady

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So you decided to talk to your Russian woman on the phone for the first time. It may seem a trifle, but nevertheless to impress the girl and to make her love you even more, remember some tricks. The first conversation should not be long. Even if you have plenty of free time, leave some topics for the next chat. Read more

Phone connection

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Have you ever spoken to a business contact on the phone – and then when you met them, they looked entirely different from the way you had pictured? Exchanging a current photo (not the one taken at the beach 20 years ago when you were young, skinny and cute!) is a good way to determine whether you are attracted to the other person. But it is a good safety measure too.