The Most Attractive Female Names from Men’s Point of View

Russian scientists made an extensive sociological investigation the aim of which was to find out which female names does men like most of all. More than 50 thousand volunteers were interrogated during this research. They were asked which female name they consider to be the most beautiful.
According to the results of poll, men prefer more womanlike names, such as: Anastasia, Victoria, Katherina – these are three most popular names. Behind them are such names as: Tatiana, Natalia, Ksenia. However during the poll men called lots of different names but these particular names lined up the greatest number of votes.
Let’s remind that earlier scientists found out that low female voice is regarded by men as the sign of femininity. It’s like the “pearl” of female beauty for them.  Experts say that the gentler voice is the more attractive is the woman for a man. Soft and tender voice activates certain centers in man’s brain, that are responsible for starting a family and having children, and he, even not realizing it, fells in love with a tender and calm woman.

2 Comments on "The Most Attractive Female Names from Men’s Point of View"

  1. Tamara on Thu, 26th Apr 2012 9:49 am 

    LOL, Im a girl, and three of those names are my faves (Victoria, Katherine, and Natalia)

  2. Olivia on Wed, 4th Feb 2015 6:56 pm 

    I love the name skyler and skylar for a girl. I hate my name Olivia.

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