To What Weather You Should Prepare Yourself When Visiting Your Sweet Russian Girl in Moscow?

Visiting Your Russian Girl in MoscowGoing to visit your beloved Russian girl you should arrange lots of different things. First of all you should book tickets, find the apartments to stay in, choose some place for your first real date, buy some romantic present to your sweet mail order bride… but are you really prepared for your trip? Have you packed your luggage? Before choosing cloths for your romantic journey, you should check the weather forecasts or know what weather is usual for Moscow.

Russia is a northern country, but in summer the temperature in Moscow can raise up to 30-35 °C. Also you should be ready to often rains that are also usual for the early autumn. Winter season starts not according to the calendar, but from the late October. It is very snowy and the average temperature is nearly 5-15 degree below zero, but also can reach the mark of -30 °C. Spring usually comes to Moscow late, in April. It is one of the most wet and dirty seasons of the year. The snow is melting and streets can be really flooded. But still it is one of the most romantic times of the year, especially in May – the green grass and colorful flowers cover the ground, new leaves appear at the trees and birds are singing beautiful songs. Moreover this time you can enjoy the very comfortable temperature of 20 °C.

So it’s your and your beautiful Russian lady’s choice when to arrange your real life meeting, as every season in Moscow has its own unforgettable charm.

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