What Should You Wear on the First Date to Charm a Sweet Russian Mail Order Bride?

“Clothes make the man.  Naked people have little or no influence on society.” – Mark Twain

You are dating online and can see your beautiful Russian mail order bride only on the photos or via the web-cam. And now it comes this wonderful moment your first date, the opportunity to see your magnificent Russian girlfriend in real life. And, of course, you want to make the right impression. Usually men don’t sweat over what to wear, but the first date is the special moment.

Look through all your clothes and if you think that there is nothing matching this wonderful important occasion. So you should go shopping (one more horror word for men). If you are not sure what makes look you better, ask your friends to help you (and it’s better them to be girls).

Also you should choose clothes according to the dress code of the place you have chosen for a first date with a hot Russian girl. Put on something formal for restaurant and casual for picnic and cinema. You shouldn’t fall into despair if you decided to mix several places. The ideal way out is to put on a white t-shirt combined with a jacket. Moreover you will be able to offer your jacket to your beautiful Russian date if she will be cold in the evening and to show yourself as a real gentleman.

Preparation for the first date is a real horror for any man. Even if you seem to know your pretty Russian date quite well, you still try to look your best specially for her and to make a good impression.

It doesn’t matter what style have you chosen, the most important point – your clothes should fit well. It shouldn’t hang on you as well as rip at every your move. Everything you wear should be the right size and should accentuate good points of your form. They should not only make you look better, but also be comfortable. Remember that clothes should reflect your personality and not outshine or tamper it.

The majority of women like neat and clean looking men. Only few go mad from unshaved machos. You have enough time when dating online to get to know your sweet Russian lady’s preferences. Remember! Be clean-shaved and if having mustache or beard keep it well trimmed and tidy.

And what is more important! Don’t forget about the most important accessory – SMILE! Your sincere smile will obviously win the heart of your gorgeous Russian woman.

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