Will You Celebrate Easter With your Beautiful Russian Lady?

Celebrate Easter With your Beautiful Russian LadyOne of the most popular religious holidays celebrated all over the globe is Easter. In Russia the majority of people are Eastern Orthodox Christians and maybe your pretty mail order bride too. This year the feast falls on April 15. The mass in the church starts on the Saturday midnight and lasts for the whole night. Usually people bring there baskets with food for blessing. Traditionally for this special festival are prepared special dishes: kuliches (Easter cakes), paskhas and, of course, colored eggs. Traditionally they should be red, symbolizing Jesus Christ’s blood, but nowadays people decorate eggs in multiple colors. On Easter Russian people are greeting not with ordinal hello or hi, but with the words “Christ is risen! Christ is risen! Christ is risen!” (you can also start your Easter message to a pretty Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend with these words) and the right answer for it : “He is risen indeed!”
You can ask your beautiful Russian girl whether she attend this Easter mass and what other Easter traditions and customs are followed by her family.

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