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Questions in Topic: Searches
Searches menu item has several search options for you. You can use quick or advanced searches, key word search and special searches (online now, with photos, have birthday today, new members)

To search for members, in your main menu choose Search new friends link for a quick search and then in a new page specify your preferences (country, user type and age, purpose for dating).
You can also search for users online. Use online now tick to activate it for your search. Search for users with photo only with a special option below the main search form.

Choose Advanced search if you have specific requirements and want to get the best matches. There specify all options you think necessary and save your search if you wish.
You can change your search results by editing your search criteria in a search form. You can also open this form at your search results page and modify the settings on the go!
Yes you can do it in Advanced search section. Just specify your options in boxes and user Saved searches management section at the bottom to name your search and save it. Next time you log in and go to Advanced search, you'll be able to choose your search in a drop down and run it instantly. Use CTRL button to mark more then one option in choice fields in Advanced search.
You can use key-word search at Quick search page. Just insert a word in there and press search. The site will check all texts of other site users and will show everyone who matches.
You can use Search by login box to find a certain user on a site and contact him or her. It's in searches- Quick Search section.
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