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Questions in Topic: Perfect match
This option allows you to find a most suitable partner for you based on mutual preferences (yours and your potential match). To activate the match option you should fill in your profile as much as you can. In this case you can get more matches
Here are the sections of your profile which are the most important on this matter:
My partner criteria
Personal information
My description
They are counted and compared the most. You can see the per cent of your profile completion. Every section also has this statistics. But we advise to fill in all sections so that your future partner might read about you more and view your photos.
If you do not have any matches, then may be your profile is not filled in completely (especially your partner criteria). On the whole profile should be completed for 80% to be able to match to others and get your absolute matches. Please check that.

If you have matches displayed in your home page but do not get any alerts on them to a mailbox, please address site administrator.
At your home page we display your new matches. View more link lists all possible matches starting with the 100% match if exists. That page would first display users who match you more then 98%. Those who are not completely matching but might be interesting to you may be seen by clicking the link View other matches. Also we sort by match degree so the most matching are at the top.
If you get a new match a special alert comes from our site to your outside email address (indicated in your site account). The email contains a quick information on your new match and a link to his/her profile for you to check it up.

Also latest matches are shown in your Home page at a site in a section My perfect match.
You can contact your match with a usual set of contact tools: Email, Kiss, IM, Calls, add them to your Hot list and as a couple.
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