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Questions in Topic: Emails
You can email to a user at a site from search results or any other listing by clicking Email link. Then you'll be transferred to a mailbox to send the email. You can also attach the file or image to the email.
Your emails and emails sent to you are located in your Mailbox at a site. Inbox collects your incoming mail and you can check sent items in outbox .

You can also see a mail history with a certain user. To see it, open the letter to read (click it), then there will be a link: Email history with this profile
If you haven't been to a site when someone wrote a message to you, you'll get an alert on the message to your email. You'll also see a blinking sign at the top of the page. You'll be able to click it and access all your messages.

There is an integrated automatic system at our site that controls bad words which our members use in their profiles and letters.
Bad words include obscene words and foul expressions. In order to secure our members from scam cases, our system blocks any attempts to send personal e-mail addresses.
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